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Commercial Video

Wedding videos in North West | Cheshire | Liverpool | Chester | Wirral

Not only do we produce wedding videos but we also make commercial video projects for businesses, web videos and film conferences and events.

You can take a look at our more commercial site at GOSH! Productions for more information and samples.

Videos are a brilliant way to get across what your business does, the quality of your services or product and what benefits you offer. The video can be put onto your website, social networking sites and it all helps with SEO. Prices for corporate videos can vary, as there are so many different options but it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Commercial video showreel

Why use video in your marketing strategy?

1. ! Google owns Youtube so a video on the site helps with your Google rankings.
2. ! Videos attract new & relevant traffic to your site.
3. ! They get across your message quickly.
4. ! They use visuals & sound to engage people & enhance your website.
5. ! 4 billion videos are viewed a day. internet users watch a lot of
6. ! Videos boost your SEO.
7. ! It gives people confidence in you when they can see the product, service
& you for themselves.
9. ! Youtube gets over 800 million visitors each month – you can attract new traffic to your site.

Corporate videos

filming a commercial video

You can contact GOSH! to find out more about our corporate videos.